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At Sunset Strength and Conditioning we design fitness and lifestyle for the individual. Our goal is to help guide you towards a lifetime of fitness, long term mental acuity, and the highest quality of life.

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About Individual Design

Everybody has their own training history, movement needs, and personal goals. Individual design takes all of this into account to deliver exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle guidance to suit every individual. 

Through the initial consult and full body, move and work assessment a training plan and lifestyle plan will be designed for you. Further, with ongoing weekly and monthly check-ins the plan will adjust and adapt with you the individual.

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About Tyler Reese

I believe true lifelong fitness is defined by engaging in physical challenges, lifelong mental acuity, and a full life outside the gym. I have participated in a wide range of athletic endeavors and have gained a lot of experience from preparing for those differing physical challenges. From team sports in my youth to obstacle course racing and Olympic Weightlifting as a masters athlete, I have seen and experienced many various modalities.

I have coached high school athletes, Olympic Weightlifters, endurance athletes and many people who just want to live a full and experience filled life. 

I hold certifications in: NASM Certified Personal Training, NASM Performance Enhancement, OPEX CCP, USA Weightlifting Sports Performance, Crossfit Level 1, and Precision Nutrition. Needless to say I have explored many different fitness modalities and have a broad range of experience and understanding to help me design the right program for you to achieve your goals.

When I'm outside the gym I love to explore nature and camp with my family and always make sure that I'm not just training for the gym, but also using my fitness for life.

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Fill out the information below and we'll get you set up with a time to come visit and talk more about Individual Design and how we can best meet your goals.

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1624 Helsinki Way, Livermore, CA, 94550


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